2019 Crowdfunding Campaign Update

On behalf of all of the student members of the Berkeley Forum, a massive thank you to all of those who donated. With your help, we were able to SURPASS our goal to raise $5,315 (and over $8,000 counting corporate matching)! The generous support of our donors...

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US Senator Rand Paul at the Berkeley Forum

US Senator Rand Paul appeared at the Berkeley Forum on March 19, 2014. Senator Paul discussed the implications of NSA's surveillance activities on liberty and his potential plans to run for the 2016 Republican nomination for President. The event was moderated by...

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CRISPR Pioneer Feng Zhang at the Berkeley Forum

Professor Feng Zhang appeared at the Berkeley Forum on March 1, 2017. Professor Zhang's talk focused on how the powerful CRISPR-cas9 technology was developed, the ways in which genome editing will transform the world, and the human impact of capitalizing on nature's...

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