Discourse at Berkeley: the Berkeley Forum DeCal

Since 2012, the Forum has worked to increase discourse on for the Berkeley community through our semesterly events lineup, hosting debates, panels, and talks by leading experts from a wide variety of fields. This semester, we are excited to announce that as a complement to this lineup, we are offering a 2-unit DeCal (ISF 198) sponsored by the Interdisciplinary Studies department.

Through this course, students will discuss and further engage with topics presented in our events, as well as learn what it takes to bring a speaker with a valuable perspective to campus. We hope that by the completion of the course, students are able to have their opinions challenged, learn about new topics, embrace new perspectives, and leave with new interests. [Note: This DeCal is intended for students who are not members of the Berkeley Forum, and the course will not be open to members of the Berkeley Forum.]

The deadline to apply to this DeCal is Friday, February 7 at 11:59pm.  Please feel free to email any questions to decal@forum.berkeley.edu.