“Discourse at Berkeley”: The Berkeley Forum DeCal

Conversations August 22, 2019

Since 2012, the Forum has worked to increase discourse for the Berkeley community by hosting debates, panels, and talks with leading experts from a wide variety of fields. Our Fall 2019 lineup includes White House Special Assistant on Native American Affairs Karen Diver, American Born Chinese author Gene Luen Yang, Boosted Boards founder Sanjay Dastoor, and extraterrestrial intelligence researcher Jill Tarter!

In order to better engage with the ideas presented by these speakers and the rest of our lineup, as well as to contextualize them within the wider history of discourse at Berkeley – the birthplace of the Free Speech Movement – we are offering a 2-unit DeCal (ISF 198) sponsored by the Interdisciplinary Studies department this semester! In addition, you’ll gain an insider’s understanding of the work and processes the Forum undertakes in its efforts to contribute to the larger culture of discourse at Berkeley.

We hope that by the completion of this course, students have gained a deep understanding of the history of free speech and discourse at Berkeley. Additionally, students can expect to learn more about what it takes to bring a speaker with a unique perspective to campus. We hope that by the end, students are able to have their opinions challenged, learn about new topics, embrace new perspectives, and leave with new interests. [Note: This DeCal is intended for students who are not members of the Berkeley Forum, and the course will not be open to members of the Berkeley Forum.]

The deadline to apply to this DeCal is Friday, September 6th at 11:59pm. The first day of class will be Thursday, September 12. Please feel free to email any questions to decal@forum.berkeley.edu.

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